Capital @ The Fillmore at Irving Plaza, NYC - 5.31.08 (9)

Capital @ The Fillmore at Irving Plaza, NYC – 5.31.08

June 1, 2008 | Concert Photography, Photography

Capital were the opening band at the Pennywise show at The Fillmore last night. When the band performed, the club was already 75 percent filled up and it continued to grow throughout their set. I never heard of Capital before but they are on Revelation Records and are from the Long Island area. Their style is old school hardcore/punk and I thought they were pretty good.

For their set, I was the only photographer in the pit and I always like that. I don’t need to worry about other photographers in the way and even the bouncers weren’t in the way either. The crowd didn’t really dance for them but I still think they appreciated their sound. At one point, Capital had a song about the movie Red Dawn, or in some reference to it. Then a lot of people from the crowd were screaming out “AVENGE ME!” and other quotes that had the band & myself laughing.

For the photography itself, the lighting was the standard opening act lights (all red!). While I hate red lighting, I still got some good shots of the band. With opening bands, I like shooting them because it makes me practice a little before the other bands come on stage. I realize during their set, I wasn’t going to need my other lens (50mm r1.4) and just shot the whole show with the 18-70mm f3.5 lens. While the lens isn’t the fastest thing in the world, it does the job until I can manage to afford the 14-24mm or 24-70mm lenses. But that’s gonna be a ways off before I get one of those lenses.

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