Jesse Dayton @ The Fillmore at Irving Plaza, NYC - 5.15.08 (8)

Jesse Dayton @ The Fillmore at Irving Plaza, NYC – 5.15.08

May 16, 2008 | Concert Photography, Photography

Jesse Dayton opened up for Mike Ness Thursday night at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza in New York City. When the band went on, the crowd was still strolling in. By the end of the set, most of the crowd was there and appreciated Jesse Dayton’s rockabilly country music. Jesse hails from Austin Texas and had a lot of funny banter in between the songs. I like rockabilly and can tolerate country rock sometimes, but only honky tonk stuff like Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. Jesse Dayton fits into that realm as well and like how he played on an edge. He was poking fun at line-dancing and saying he had people that were going to pick them off with a sniper rifles. I liked his music though, I might have to check out his albums.

I was stoked to be shooting this show because it was the first time shooting with my new camera, the Nikon D300. I used the camera at my girlfriend’s graduation at Quinnipiac last weekend but I was going to find out how awesome the camera was at the Mike Ness show. Like usual, there were issues at the door with my passes (no photo pass?) but thankfully had the email printed out and got inside with a photo pass. But the camera was sweet! I loved shooting in high ISOs, and you don’t really notice the grain of the images until around ISO 2000 or so. I was doing some test shots throughout the concert to see how far I could push this camera. The big LCD is something I always wanted since my older camera had a small screen. It was hard to see if a picture was blurry or not on the D70. But now I can see if the photo is garbage or not. Not that many garbage ones hardy har har.

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