Ola Podrida @ Webster Hall, NYC- 4.22.08 (15)

Ola Podrida @ Webster Hall, NYC- 4.22.08

April 23, 2008 | Concert Photography, Photography

Ola Podrida was the opening band at the She and Him show at Webster Hall. The band hails from Brooklyn and has a indie/folk rock sound. They were originally supposed to open for the 2nd night for She and Him at Hiro Ballroom. Since the first show got canceled, they ended up playing the second night anyway. I think I would appreciate Ola Podrida’s music on album more than I do live. It was hard to hear the singing but that might have been the sound system at Webster Hall. Maybe he’s just a quiet talker? Musically, they were good; just not the most exciting band to see live.

My girlfriend secured a spot by the stage for me while I sort out my photo pass. Then once I got there, I didn’t move until the end of the show. Thankfully, I had my Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 lens with me, because it would have been hard to get close-ups or get shots of other members of each band. For Ola Podrida, I could only get the majority of pictures of the keyboard/guitar player and the lead singer/guitarist. That’s one of the negatives of not having a photo pit; that you can’t really move to get other shots of other members. The other negative is you have to go really early to get a good spot up front. The positive is getting the chance to shoot the entire show and not have a 3 song limit! Luckily, I got better with shooting as the night went on. The lighting was really bright and I was very happy with that. Here are some of my favorites from this set, check back later for the photo set of She and Him:

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