Rogue Wave @ Irving Plaza, NYC - 4.12.08 (17)

Rogue Wave @ Irving Plaza, NYC – 4.12.08

April 18, 2008 | Concert Photography, Photography

Rogue Wave played Irving Plaza last Saturday at Irving Plaza, NYC. I never saw the band before so I didn’t know what to expect. They played a great set, filled with new & old songs. I loved when they played “Publish My Love,” “Harmonium,” “Like I Needed,” “Chicago X 12,” and their newest hit “Lake Michigan.” I call it a hit because it’s been all over those Zune commercials, and after that song played; a lot of people left the show. I hate when people do that. The last song of the evening for me was “California,” and that was in the encore. Not sure if they performed any other songs after that.

As far as the photography is concerned, the lighting was freaking dark! The opening band, Grand Ole Party, had pretty much 1 light up front and that was it! I was tempted to use my flash (I did a few times) but managed to still get a decent amount of photos of both bands. There wasn’t a photo pit so I had to rush up to the front and secure a spot. I hate when I have to stay in the same spot the entire time because bands don’t allow photo pit areas. I don’t mind not having pits, just not when I’m shooting a show.

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