Edinburgh, Scotland - Day 1 - 12.12.06 (2)

Edinburgh, Scotland – Day 1 – 12.12.06

December 12, 2006 | Travel Photography

After staying in London for a few days, we ended up flying on Easy Jet to Edinburgh Scotland for a few days. It was a nice city that you only need a few days to see the entire thing. It’s a walkable city with a lot of history. The only time we saw sun was when we arrived in Scotland and when we left. Rainy, cold and cloudy. Obviously wasn’t surprised but we weren’t going to let rain bring us down.

The first day we just wanted to walk around the area and get familiar with everything. We headed down to center of town and walked around some Xmas fair type of thing, and had some yummy mac and cheese at some pub. Good times. Our hotel was like an apt in the old town section, and had a nice view of Arthur’s Seat, the big mountain cliff and the tallest peak in Edinburgh.

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