The Fux @ Sea Sea's, Moosic, PA - 1998 (1)

The Fux @ Sea Sea’s, Moosic, PA – 1998

January 1, 1998 | Concert Photography

The Fux played at Sea Sea’s in Moosic, PA in 1997 or 1998? I’m not sure of the exact date or who they played with. Does anyone know the exact date for this show? please email me!

This was one of my first shows that I started to shoot shows with a film camera that wasn’t a point & shoot. The singer at one took out lighter fluid and lit his guitar on fire!! It had an American flag on it so it makes sense, but what a way to start this nutty path in concert photography. I wish I took more photos, but if I did I’d have to find the negatives.

*Please Note: These photos were taken from a film camera and were scanned in from the prints. They aren’t the best quality but documents the show well enough*

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