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Washington, DC Trip – Day 3 – 4.10.10

Apr. 21, 2010 | Photography, Travel Photography

For Days 1 and 2 of the trip, click here, and here. The last day of the my Washington, DC trip was an extremely busy one. We managed to do even more than we did the previous days. Plus, it was a perfect day to be outside and shooting.
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Washington, DC Trip – Day 2 – 4.9.10

Apr. 19, 2010 | Photography, Travel Photography

For Day 1 of the trip, click here. The second day of our Washington, DC trip tested our feet. DC has great transportation but you want to be able to walk around a lot as well. I’m not sure I did as much walking as I did in Dublin, Ireland last year but it’s definitely up there. Each night we had to just massage our feet and just stay off of them for the night. Soaking them in hot water also helped as well. But besides that, we managed to do a lot of stuff around the National Mall area.
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Washington, DC Trip – Day 1 – 4.8.10

Apr. 16, 2010 | Photography, Travel Photography

I have never been to Washington, DC before. I’ve driven around it, but never actually went to see any of the historic sites and all that fun stuff. My girlfriend Kristen and I decided to go the week after Easter for an extended weekend. I liked the city, but I think we went during the worst possible week because of the cherry blossoms (which we missed the peak) and the festival that was happening that weekend. Let’s just say everything was jam packed!
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