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I just bought the Nikon D300!!

Well, I finally did it! I got the Nikon D300 from B&H Photo!! Since it was announced back in the fall, I knew this was going to be the next camera I would own. Of course I would love to own the Nikon D3, but I can’t see myself paying that much for a camera…Unless it was my main profession. I started to begin saving money for the D300 this spring and sold a lot of stuff on ebay. Then I got the Tax rebate which went towards the camera, ya know, priorties. I’ve been trying to find side work for web design & photography but have been coming up short so far. Then the company I work for decided to reward me with $250 gift card to B&H for my 4 year anniversary. I was shocked and really happy, it was SUPER NICE of them to do that for me. I decided what the hell, and buy the camera now. I’m still going to pursue side work to help pay for the rest of the camera, and hopefully this will be paid off soon.

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