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Lack of Updates?

Aug. 18, 2008 | Article, General, Rants

You might have noticed the lack of updates on the site lately. Since the Warped Tour in Scranton at the end of July, I haven’t gone to a show. That’s because I’m starting to cut back on shows, at least temporarily. It’s just too expensive going to all these shows where I currently live. Plus there are other factors as well.
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Check out the new Levellers album ‘Letters From The Underground’

Aug. 6, 2008 | General, Reviews

I don’t normally post too many non-photo blogs on here (although I probably should). But I have to tell you all about a new album I reviewed on that everyone should check out. It’s from one of my favorite bands, The Levellers and its called Letters From The Underground. The album comes out August 12th in the UK; not sure when it comes out in the States though. All I know is that everyone needs to get it! Read the review after the jump:

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The Fratellis @ Webster Hall Photos on

I shot the Fratellis and Airborne Toxic Event at Webster Hall for Friday night. It was my first assignment and it went really well. A lot of my photos are currently on prefix mag’s website here. I’ll have a lot of the photos on here this week, along with a show write-up but for now, please visit for all the photos from the show.

Warped Tour Photography Tips for Beginners

The Vans Warped Tour is coming up this summer and more & more photographers are getting access to shoot the tour. I have been covering the Warped Tour on and off for 10 years now and tend to get my best shots at this tour. This article is for the newbie photographer that’s just starting out and needs some type of advice on what to do on the concert. I have been asked from time to time on how to get a pass, advice, etc. So here’s a list of things you need to know before shooting the Warped Tour:

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Memorial Day Weekend Trip to Boston – 5.25.08

Film composer John Williams was performing at Boston Symphony Hall again and I wanted to go see him again. He was set to play music from Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and other scores he composed. Kristen and I went over to her CT apartment Friday night, and left for Boston Saturday morning. First thing in the morning, I had to deal with my car getting run into at the Hamden Starbucks in the parking lot (another story for another time), and then it was off to Boston, Ma. What a wonderful way to start off a mini-vacation! NOT!
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