The Pietasters @ Irving Plaza, NYC - 12.19.15 (30)

The Pietasters @ Irving Plaza, NYC – 12.19.15

December 28, 2015 | Concert Photography

The Pietasters played before the Slackers last week at Irving Plaza. Read the full review at

It didn’t take long before Steve Jackson of the Pietasters was near the crowd singing to them. I had to wait for the right moment to capture it since the lighting was going from dark to light and had to nail it at the right moment. If Irving Plaza had proper front lighting and when to turn it on when the singer was in front, I wouldn’t have had that issue. I’ve shot at Irving when the lighting has been tremendously, I know it’s capable of having good lighting there.

It was hard to getting anything of top quality in the first three songs with the way the lighting was. Some pictures that came out well but the lighting made it look ugly, I had to make them into black & white photos instead. Once I got out of the pit, I shot from the another spot with the 70-200mm f2.8 lens and captured some other things you couldn’t get in 3 songs. I don’t mind the 3 song rule a lot of the time but sometimes it sucks because things like other guest musicians pop up on stage and you have to shoot from the back of the club or off to the side.

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