Rude Boy George @ The Wick, Brooklyn, NY - 3.14.15 (26)

Rude Boy George @ The Wick, Brooklyn, NY – 3.14.15

March 20, 2015 | Concert Photography

Rude Boy George are quickly becoming one of the bands I’ve photographed the most and I have no problem with that. They played third in the Pilfers record release show. The full review is at“>

I love photographing Rude Boy George. They are such a fun band, and never boring to shoot. Megg is very animatic with singing and Roger is always bouncing around. Just like the other sets, I was using my flash for the majority of the set. I wish they played longer but they will be playing a lot more times this Spring.

I tried to find the right settings so it used some of the LED lighting on the stage, and light some of the faces. I think I got the settings down pat with this set. I did occasionally switch to no flash and ISO 6400, to try not to irritate the audience and the band.

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