Chris Trapper @ The Bitter End, NYC - 12.5.14 (12)

Chris Trapper @ The Bitter End, NYC – 12.5.14

December 7, 2014 | Concert Photography

I was originally just going to go to a punk show on December 5th but since there was so many other shows playing, I decided to catch two shows on Friday instead. First was Chris Trapper opening for Antigone Rising at the Bitter End and then after that, I’d head over to the East Side to catch Rude Boy George’s record release show at Otto’s Shrunken Head.

Out of all the years going to shows, I’ve never been to the Bitter End and I also never been to a show where a lot of the crowd were shouting so much over the opening act, that I could barely hear him. That’s what happened during Chris Trapper’s set! My wife and I were sitting near the bar area but on the edge trying to watch & listen to Chris play, but it was really so hard to hear him and distracting with everybody talking. People were talking by the bar and sitting at tables RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM talking! It’s one thing to whisper here and there, or check your phone but when everybody is screaming over each other, greeting their friends, standing in front of me, yelling directly in my wife’s ear…it’s just too much and disrespectful.

I felt bad for Chris but he’s the professional musician, I’m not. I would have stopped the set and told everybody to shut the fuck up. I actually did scream that but since everybody was so loud, they didn’t hear anything. I’ll just have to catch Chris when he headlines or doesn’t play with Antigone Rising since some of their fanbase were a bunch of assholes. ANYWAY, despite all that, Chris did a great job and I love his music. He played a few Push Stars songs, as well as his solo stuff. I like the stories Chris always tells in between songs too. I just took a few shots of Chris in the beginning before everybody was standing in my way and I was more distracted by the talking than watching & shooting the show.

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