Johnny Marr @ Gramercy Theatre, NYC - 11.12.14 (23)

Johnny Marr @ Gramercy Theatre, NYC – 11.12.14

November 17, 2014 | Concert Photography

Johnny Marr played Gramercy Theatre last Wednesday night in NYC and it was awesome! I never photographed or even saw Johnny Marr perform but thankful I got the chance to see Johnny on such short notice (since I put in a request that day).

If you want to read my concert review over at, check it out here.

Surprisingly, there were only 2 other photographers with me in the photo pit. I guess since Johnny was playing in Williamsburg a few days later, other people had other assignments. I’d rather see Johnny Marr play Gramercy Theatre since it’s easy to see the stage, the lighting is good and there’s usually a photo pit. The pit was a lot smaller than it usually is but I’m happy there even was one. I thought I remember reading he had no pit in Irving Plaza so I was a bit nervous there wasn’t going to be a pit.

Johnny was a treat to shoot by the way. He’d rock out with the guitar right up at the edge of the stage and do some great poses. The rest of the band kind of just did their thing and didn’t move around all that much. I still wanted to get some shots of them though. For one and half songs, I used the 24-70mm f2.8 lens before breaking out my new lens 14-24mm f2.8 and giving that a go. I definitely love that lens, especially when Johnny came right up to the edge of the stage. The lens won’t be used all the time but definitely one that serious Nikon photographers should own.

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