Top 20 Favorite Photos of 2012

Besides shooting a bunch of shows this year, I also tried to bring my camera everywhere. I got some great shots on vacation in San Francisco and London, at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, at Central Park, and just around my neighborhood in Jersey City. This is my Top 20 favorite NON-concert photos of the year!

20. Retired Pimp

I’ve seen this guy in Jersey City about 5 or 6 times, each time wearing some colorful hat, suit, shoes…ALL MATCHING! Green suits, yellow suits, orange suits, etc. This was the first time I saw him going into Manhattan and I haven’t been able to get a picture of him since. I started calling him the Retired Pimp after this.

19. Christmas in London

London knows how to do it up for Christmas. Every street has lights, ornaments, displays, etc. Oxford Street even had snow machines!

18. New England Aquarium Penguin

I love visiting zoos and aquariums, especially the New England Aquarium in Boston. They simply have the best penguin exhibit I’ve seen so far!

17. Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Hurricane Sandy in Paulus Hook, Jersey City New Jersey - October 29th-30th 2012 - &copy: 2012 - Bryan Kremkau (34)
For the most part, Paulus Hook didn’t get hit as hard as other areas after Hurricane Sandy. After it was okay to walk around, I walked around the neighborhood to see the destruction. Thankfully, it was just down trees and power lines for the most part.

16. Empire State Building in Chinatown

I’ve never been to Chinatown before. Yup. This is the Empire State Building, obviously.

15. Alcatraz Sunset

Definitely go to Alcatraz for the night tour! You’ll get better experience and better photographs too!

14. Tower of London Guard

London Vacation 2012 - Day 5 - © 2012 - Bryan Kremkau (97)
The old looking castle buildings and the guard is what I like the most about this photo.

13. Kristen Hair

Kristen was taking a picture of the Parliament building in London and it was so windy, her hair was practically sticking straight out. Golden photo opp!

12. Hampton Court Palace gardens

London Vacation 2012 - Day 7 - © 2012 - Bryan Kremkau (17)
Out of all the castle & palace gardens I’ve visited over the years, this one was one of my favorites. I could only imagine how it would look over in the Summer time.

11. Occupy Wall Street Anniversary

Occupy Wall Street Anniversary Concert @ Foley Square, September 16th 2012 - © 2012 Bryan Kremkau (50)
I love this shot, even though this guy almost caused a fight at the Occupy Wall Street Anniversary concert in Foley Square in September.

10. Paulus Hook Halloween Pet Parade 2012

Paulus Hook Halloween Pet Parade 2012 @ Jersey City, NJ - October 27th 2012 - &copy: 2012 - Bryan Kremkau (14)
Aww. I love pet parades and I love shooting them. The dogs are so cute, even though they probably can’t stand being dressed up every year for Halloween.

9. NYC Zombie Crawl 2012

NYC Zombie Crawl 2012 @ Union Square, NYC - 10.14.12 - © 2012 - Bryan Kremkau (2)
Halloween is a great time to take the camera out! This NYC Zombie Crawl was only for a half hour but glad I went since Halloween was pretty much cancelled, no thanks to that bitch Sandy.

8. Coit Tower in San Francisco

Taking the trolly up to this spot is fun. Walking all the way up to Coit Tower, not so much fun.

7. Hogwarts

London Vacation 2012 - Day 3 - © 2012 - Bryan Kremkau (144)
I visited Hogwarts this year! Well not really, but I visited the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studio tour which had a GIANT model of Hogwarts at the end. Very cool!

6. Central Park

I love walking around Central Park. That skyscraper is the one that had a crane hanging from it.

5. Golden Gate Bridge

Gotta have a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge, especially when I visited San Francisco this year!

4. Occupy Wall Street Anniversary

Occupy Wall Street Anniversary Concert @ Foley Square, September 16th 2012 - © 2012 Bryan Kremkau (35)
I never heard of The Vermin Supreme but how could I not take a picture of a guy that wears a boot as a hat?

3. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

I’ve never been to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden before but it was nice walking around it, even though the majority of the flowers didn’t bloom just yet. This shot I particularly loved because of the high contrast and the wavy trees.

2. Alcatraz Prison

I loved visiting San Francisco for many reasons. The food, the sights, and of course just taking pictures of everything (especially Alcatraz). The sun was setting around our visit to the famous prison and I smiled when I saw the light beams peering into the barred windows.

1. Muir Woods

Muir Woods is perhaps one of my favorite places I’ve ever visited. It was rainy which scared a lot of tourists away in the morning so it was nice to walk around without anyone around. I can’t wait to go back there again.

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