Autographed Prints for Hurricane Sandy Relief Project (updated!)

After Hurricane Sandy hit the area, I wanted to help out in some way. I thought it would be great if I could get prints signed from bands & artists I’ve photographed over the years, auctioned off those prints, and then donate 100 percent of the proceeds to American Red Cross or another charity for the hurricane relief. Well that’s exactly what I’m going to do! After seeing all the destruction that happened on Staten Island, Rockaway, and NJ Shore, I just wanted to do something to help. Personally, it was certainly sad to see Long Beach Island get hit hard by the “superstorm.” It felt like my childhood washing away in a way.

Some prints will be 11×14, some will 11×17, and some will be 8.5×11 and they be signed by all or most band members of each band involved. I’m still working out the details on where this auction will take place (eBay or somewhere else) but this won’t be some iffy thing where you donate and I just pocket the money. I’m not some shady jerk.

The auctions will most likely be happening in December when I get back the prints. Still trying to figure out if I should get all the prints back at the same time and then auction them off, or do them as I get them back. Either way, this will be happening in December since I’ll be in London at the end of the month. Even though people need help now, in some areas they will need help for several months. This isn’t an overnight fix.

I’m still confirming a few more artists & bands so this might be an on-going thing.

The Bands & Musicians Involved (alphabetical order) *updated*:

• Bigger Thomas
• Carbon Leaf
• Chris Trapper of the Push Stars
• The Descendents
• Doomsday Mephiskapheles Tribute
• Fat Mike / NOFX
• Flogging Molly
• Frank Turner
• Great Big Sea
• Larry and His Flask
• Old Man Markley
• Pilfers
• Saw Doctors
• Young Dubliners

If you’re a band or artist that I’ve photographed over the years and want to participate, let me know at I’ll have more details on where to bid on the signed prints when the auctions are posted. Follow me at Twitter and like SkaPunkPhotos for quick updates!

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